Raising the Dead – Murder and the Mosh Pit

Just a quick note to say we (myself, MaryJBlog, and Chazz Byron are attempting to resuscitate "Murder and the Mosh Pit", our collaborative glam-punk-noir-police-procedural-murder-mystery. I posted a new entry a couple of days ago, hopefully more to come soon! (Disclaimer: our fictional band, The Sparkling Douchebags, is not based on any one band.) Photo below is … Continue reading Raising the Dead – Murder and the Mosh Pit

Murder and the Mosh Pit

UPDATE (3/1/2010): Murder in the Mosh Pit now has its own site at Murder in the Mosh Pit. Sparked by a discussion between Chazz Byron and MaryJBlog about vampires who sparkle and glam-punk bands, I've added a new page, Murder and the Mosh Pit (see above) for anyone who wants to join in on a … Continue reading Murder and the Mosh Pit