NaNoWriMo Word Count – Day 5

Things are progressing nicely, so far. I checked my word count on NaNoWriMo this morning, and was startled by the number (I'd forgotten overnight what I clocked in at last night). My first thought was, Oh my, look at this person's word count, whose is this? Wait, this is my page... where did that number … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Word Count – Day 5

Out of the Starting Gate

cross-posted to The Nano Project I'm off to a rollicking start on word count. Thanks in large part to attending a write-in, I clocked in at 3,337 words yesterday! Wow, I've never gotten that much in one day before. Even with the chatting and socializing and inhaling a sandwich, the distraction of surfing the net … Continue reading Out of the Starting Gate

Tick-Tock…Tick-Tock…Game On!

NaNo is upon us! Which means I probably won't be blogging much for the next 30 days. Whatever free time I have will be going towards word count. Anyone for a word war? 🙂   With mere hours to go to the official start of NaNoWriMo as I write this, I have to admit, setting … Continue reading Tick-Tock…Tick-Tock…Game On!

Who’s Up for a Whole YEAR of Novel Writing?

I found this post over at Teresa Miller's blog and thought some of you fellow NaNoWriMo's might be interested in extending the party. I think this will be a good idea for me. I liked having the weekly and daily word counts to work towards this month, it lit a literary fire under my backside … Continue reading Who’s Up for a Whole YEAR of Novel Writing?

NaNoWriMo Encouragement from James R. Strickland and Simon Haynes

Back to io9 we go. Here's an encouraging interview (interviews?) with two authors who actually published NaNo novels. Best advice if you're stuck: torture your characters. And very timely advice for me since I lost a couple days. Simon Haynes: Easy. Write in 500 word chunks, one per hour. Don't sit down thinking 'I have … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Encouragement from James R. Strickland and Simon Haynes

17 Days, 14 Hours — NaNoWriMo countdown

Panic begins to set in. I'm way behind now: 33,864 words to go. This is bad. ::::::runs around the room screaming, tearing hair out:::::: I've now gone from 1,667 words per day necessary to make it to 1,992. Well, maybe that's not SO bad, it's another 300 per day but I might be able to … Continue reading 17 Days, 14 Hours — NaNoWriMo countdown

NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty talks to io9

I just ran across this interview with our fearless leader, Chris Baty, at io9. For those unfamiliar with io9, it's a sci-fi smorgasbord of television show reviews, movie reviews, books and generally anything sci-fi related. The interview is targeted to that genre, but still very much worth a read. And some schmuck down in the comments … Continue reading NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty talks to io9