New Year, New Focus

So the new year is approaching and while I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, the timing coincides with a resolve to stop wasting time and get more writing done and submissions sent out, as well as work on the sequel to Revenants Abroad, and finish the romance I started and have been posting at … Continue reading New Year, New Focus

Kick Rocks, 2012

The general consensus for 2012 seems to be Hasta la vista, Baby! Anyone care to join me in a little bubbly? The only resolutions I have are to pay my bills, keep the house going, and take care of my family. Everything else is gravy. I decided to pull some cards this evening, asking for … Continue reading Kick Rocks, 2012

Happy Halloween

Click on the picture for a Halloween card. I almost feel guilty celebrating with so much destruction and devastation this week.  If you're lucky enough to have power and are celebrating, whether it's the secular Halloween or the Witches' New Year of Samhain with its attendant memorials to those who have passed over, the day … Continue reading Happy Halloween

New Year, New Start

Ok, here we go with the obligatory New Year’s post. Sort of. So I’ve been on vacation since (checking calendar…) December 22, and can’t honestly say I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. :::sigh::: I could stand about two more months off, I think. Or even forever. But whaddaya gonna do? Bills to … Continue reading New Year, New Start