The Stars Seem So Far Away – Margrét Helgadóttir

I'd like to introduce you to Norwegian-Icelandic writer, Margét Helgadóttir, whose first book, The Stars Seem So Far Away, has just been released through Fox Spirit Books. Congratulations, Margét! Let's talk about the book. What is The Stars Seem So Far Away about? The Stars Seem So Far Away is a story set in a distant … Continue reading The Stars Seem So Far Away – Margrét Helgadóttir

Mari Boine – Hear the Voices of the Foremothers

I think that's where the gods are. I have a new favorite singer. I just saw this over at ThorNews. Mari Boine is a Norwegian folk artist, who is also Sami (what we typically call Lapp, which is something of an insult). You can read a bio of her at the ThorNews site. She sings … Continue reading Mari Boine – Hear the Voices of the Foremothers

The Crown Prince’s Speech

I hope the title of this post doesn't sound flippant.  This is the speech delivered by Crown Prince Haakon of Norway to the crowds who gathered at the Rådhusplassen (City Hall) in Oslo on July 25, 2011. Text in Norwegian and English (Berit, correct me if I got anything wrong, please! I used Google's translator, … Continue reading The Crown Prince’s Speech

A Little Solidarity

Never thought I'd see the day when Norway was the object of terrorist attacks. It's too soon to know much about who was behind it all today, and thankfully no one I know or am related to was personally affected. My heart goes out to the victims and their families during this awful time, after … Continue reading A Little Solidarity

John Snow

Ah, me and my music. You know how I love music for inspiration, and although I'm generally more of a metal-head, I've been geeking out on a new band from Norway called John Snow. I just love this acoustic version of their song "Far Wild Isle." Petter has a great, clear voice, not all singers … Continue reading John Snow