Christmas Sweet and Bitter

One of my favorite memories is my whole family together on Christmas Eve, trimming the tree together. My mother was born in Norway, and the tradition (at least in those days) was to put the tree up on Christmas Eve, so somehow she convinced Dad to go along with it). To help set the mood, … Continue reading Christmas Sweet and Bitter

Star Trek and Nostalgia

I’ve been working my way through the original series of Star Trek, which I have always adored. My family watched it together when I was a child. It was our Friday night ritual. We’d have cheese pizza (being good Catholics, so no meat on Fridays in the late 1960s) and watch first a series called … Continue reading Star Trek and Nostalgia

The Wayback Machine

Some of us are old enough to remember THIS WABAC machine (although, seriously, can no one spell Edgar Allan Poe's name correctly?) There is an immediacy to typing onto paper, as opposed to the ephemeral nature of electronic communication. What we want is to see our words IN PRINT, bound in a book. Electronic communications … Continue reading The Wayback Machine

Long Live the Humble Ranch House

Every once in awhile I get to feeling nostalgic for my childhood. Maybe it happens more as we age and spend more time contemplating our mortality, I don't know. It's funny the things that will trigger memories and that feeling of wanting to go 'home'. Things change so quickly now, it's hard to feel any … Continue reading Long Live the Humble Ranch House

The Beginning of the End of Cursive

And so it begins. Indiana schools are no longer going to be teaching cursive writing. You remember cursive, right? The curly, flowy letters that all connect as you write. With a pen. By hand. On paper. No? Maybe it's already dead.   Why do I care when I scarcely write anything by hand anymore myself? … Continue reading The Beginning of the End of Cursive

Last Typewriter Factory in the World Closes

UPDATE 7/21/2011 (Hemingway's birthday, btw): It appears the demise of the typewriter has been greatly exaggerated. See this NPR article for clarification. Seems the plant in Mumbai was producing manual typewriters, but electrics are still to be had from other manufacturers.   Aw you guys, I'm sad! I guess it's just nostalgia, but it's the … Continue reading Last Typewriter Factory in the World Closes

A Look Back in Publishing

Joni Evans, formerly of the publishing world, has written a terrific little piece in the New York Times Jobs section of the good ol' days in publishing. Remember typewriters? Rolodexes? Carbon paper? Wite-Out®? Take a trip down memory lane to the early 1980s, before the advent of the PC, iPhones, and e-mail. Says Evans of … Continue reading A Look Back in Publishing