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Pictures from the road

Not much going on, but wanted to share some views from my morning commute, which can be quite stunning. I tried to get some shots of the ribbons of fog that linger in the fields, but from a moving car it’s tricky. Basically I hold the camera up in the general direction and hit the button, and hope for the best.

fog ribbons River Rd

Funny how this road looks longer from this angle. I ride my bike out here, which as you can see can get a little dicey if you have some impatient carhead behind you.

Mt Hood and fog

That little peak in the back there is Mt. Hood.

farm silo

I have no idea what this structure is, it’s part of someone’s farm and house. It can’t be a silo, there are windows all the way up. Weird. Just one of the farms I pass on the way. They have a store and fresh berries during the summer season, although I’ve never stopped in there.


I love this house, reminds me a bit of the old farmhouse I grew up in in Massachusetts. I need to get a better photo of it. I was hardly moving at this point, creeping up to a strange intersection that is usually backed up. It’s been for sale but I don’t think it sold. It looks deserted, but I’m pretty sure someone still lives there. The bushes right along the front there are red roses, very pretty when blooming. It probably dates to the late 1800s, there’s another house across the road with a sign “Rosemound Farm, c. 1860”.