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Weekly Card – The Star

Star light, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight


I could have sworn I’d pulled this one recently as the weekly card, but I dug through my posts all the way back to March and nada. This is The Star from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. The Star is associated with Aquarius, The Water Bearer, which is an Air sign. The element of Air is associated with the mind and thought, mental processes. It’s a card of faith, hope, optimism. It’s a sign that now is the time to try again, not to give up. Let go of negative thoughts, any anger you’ve been carrying around. Transform yourself, focus on things that have real meaning in your life. Take control of your thinking and channel it in a way that will do you the most good. Have courage, renew your efforts.

Thinking good thoughts for you all for a brighter week.

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Weekly Card – Two of Wands

Two of WandsOk. I pulled this a few weeks ago in another reading I did for myself over at my Tarot blog. And well, it appears the wait’s not over yet. The Wands are associated with fire, and in the Two we are sort of in a holding pattern. The Wands show some green leaves, so although they’re not in the ground, they still have energy and growth. A wealthy merchant has sent her fleetest ships out on a trade mission (maybe), looking to expand and open up new opportunities. So she stands on the balcony, waiting for the ships to return (when does my ship come in?). I’m sending mine out again, ’cause the others didn’t find the trade routes I was hoping for. There’s always another place to try.

So, let this be a week of launching new projects, and looking toward the future with optimism. Have a great week, everyone!