WellREAD and The Wonder of Witches

Last weekend I was sick with a cold, and because I was sick I turned on the tv and thereby caught this program about books, WellREAD, on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting).  I’m always excited to find a show about books, and it was doubly exciting to come in on a show discussing books on witches … Continue reading WellREAD and The Wonder of Witches

Blessed Beltane

Blessed Beltane to all my pagan followers, of whatever tradition you follow. Beltane/Beltaine is also known as Walpurgis Night, or Walpurgisnacht, and it's one of the four big fire festivals of the pagan year. http://youtu.be/On2CgB_Ya9c   UPDATED:  I changed the video, this is a better version, especially for those who won't be joining a circle … Continue reading Blessed Beltane

Need Your New House Blessed? Call A Witch!

I gotta tell ya, I just groan when I see these people. Honestly, girlfriend, get a stylist. But then, maybe this is what people expect (want) a witch to look like? Would you trust someone to cast out the evil vibes if they showed up wearing Jimmy Choos and a Burberry coat? Seriously, I know … Continue reading Need Your New House Blessed? Call A Witch!

Winter Solstice

  December 21, 2009 at 17:47 UTC (9:47AM PST) marks the Winter Solstice. We arrive at what in northern latitudes is the shortest day of the year, a time that has been celebrated and observed by many cultures, as far back as 10,000 years ago. The word itself comes from Latin sol meaning sun and … Continue reading Winter Solstice