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WellREAD and The Wonder of Witches

Last weekend I was sick with a cold, and because I was sick I turned on the tv and thereby caught this program about books, WellREAD, on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting).  I’m always excited to find a show about books, and it was doubly exciting to come in on a show discussing books on witches… Continue reading WellREAD and The Wonder of Witches

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Blessed Beltane

Blessed Beltane to all my pagan followers, of whatever tradition you follow. Beltane/Beltaine is also known as Walpurgis Night, or Walpurgisnacht, and it's one of the four big fire festivals of the pagan year.   UPDATED:  I changed the video, this is a better version, especially for those who won't be joining a circle… Continue reading Blessed Beltane

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Need Your New House Blessed? Call A Witch!

I gotta tell ya, I just groan when I see these people. Honestly, girlfriend, get a stylist. But then, maybe this is what people expect (want) a witch to look like? Would you trust someone to cast out the evil vibes if they showed up wearing Jimmy Choos and a Burberry coat? Seriously, I know… Continue reading Need Your New House Blessed? Call A Witch!

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Winter Solstice

  December 21, 2009 at 17:47 UTC (9:47AM PST) marks the Winter Solstice. We arrive at what in northern latitudes is the shortest day of the year, a time that has been celebrated and observed by many cultures, as far back as 10,000 years ago. The word itself comes from Latin sol meaning sun and… Continue reading Winter Solstice