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Weekly Card – Four of Swords

Four of SwordsI’ll take this. The Four of Swords shows up a respite from our troubles, recent anxiety and problems. It’s a time of retreat, setting everything aside and resting, undisturbed. I could welcome some time away from everything that’s pressing on me.

I love this deck. It’s the Silver Era Tarot by Aunia Kahn. I only wish the scans did it justice. It’s all black and white except for one spot of color on each card.  Here it’s her silky green pillow under her head. She almost appears to be dead, but she’s not, she’s just resting, or maybe meditating.

Take some time this week to center and regroup. Focus on things that bring peace.

I’ve got several story ideas I’m working on, and few things make me happier than spending time writing. I’m trying to get everything set for the week ahead of time so I can have the time I want in the evenings when I’m home to devote to writing.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy some peace and quiet, and time to themselves this week.


ADDENDUM 6/18/2013: Just wanted to say I found out Monday night (last night) that a couple of things I’ve been stressing about that I thought had to happen this week in fact do not.  Stress lifted!