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Bread of Angels

I thought I had shared this awhile back, but I can’t find it searching through old posts. This is a piece I heard on one of the music stations I listen to while writing. It’s by Stanton Lanier, and it’s called Bread of Angels. This guy used to be a chemist, and then a financial planner. I think his courage to pursue this artistic calling can be an inspiration to all of us who spend our days trapped in jobs that make us (occasionally) want to eat a bullet. Anyway, enjoy the music.

From the YouTube description:

“Bread of Angels” from Stanton Lanier’s 7th album “A Thousand Years” is his heart felt expression of our dependence for daily provision, which is like manna from heaven. Inspired by Psalm 78:24-25, this uplifting melody was recorded with the ethereal vocals of Noah Wilding.