Hey Big Fella

My son’s been telling me about this guy for awhile now, and I finally got a few shots of him wandering around the backyard a few minutes ago. He’s got small antlers, a little hard to see in this picture. He stopped and looked at me for a minute when he heard me up on … Continue reading Hey Big Fella

Good Morning, Moon

Frakking cold out there this morning. Luckily, I remembered to disconnect the garden hose last night, or things might have been ugly today. We seem to have had a dusting of snow overnight or maybe it's just really heavy frost, although most of it didn’t last on the ground. The tell-tale flakes are mostly covering … Continue reading Good Morning, Moon

More Morning Commute Photography

More photos from the drive in this morning. Much better shot of The House, Mt. Hood, and sunrise. I accidentally deleted one I wanted 😦 . The maple tree I pass on my lunchtime walk with a co-worker. The red leaves looked so pretty against the blue sky. See, it doesn’t always rain here. You … Continue reading More Morning Commute Photography

Pictures from the road

Not much going on, but wanted to share some views from my morning commute, which can be quite stunning. I tried to get some shots of the ribbons of fog that linger in the fields, but from a moving car it’s tricky. Basically I hold the camera up in the general direction and hit the … Continue reading Pictures from the road