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Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight

I stumbled across this poem in my usual circuitous manner, looking up something completely unrelated, but as it's a tale of love I thought it appropriate for the day. You can read more about the author, Rose Hartwick Thorpe, here and here. Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight By Rose Hartwick Thorpe Slowly England's sun was… Continue reading Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight

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The Bluest Sky

(with apologies to Toni Morrison)     Winter here is like the long dark of Moria, and we don't have Gandalf to lead us through it. Seeing sun and blue sky after all the rains lately is cause for celebration. Have courage, wherever you are. The sun is still there, I've seen it! A Prayer… Continue reading The Bluest Sky

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Amazing Spring

Why are we always so amazed when bulbs start to grow, and trees start to bud in the spring? Do we always doubt that spring is really coming? Do we think spring has something better to do than arrive? And yet every year I find myself marveling like a child when I notice the trees… Continue reading Amazing Spring

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The Vampires Want in on This

This may be a little seasonally-challenged, but it put itself together so nicely I couldn't refuse. The Triumph of the Moon October Sky The Dead Travel Fast This Side of Paradise Thanks for the creepy goodness to Ronald Hutton, Homer Hickam, Jr., Eric Nuzum, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I bet they never saw this coming.

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Book Spine Poems

  Chris Galvin has been posting a number of these quite inspired mashups on her site, and it finally inspired me to give it a shot. Oddly, I seem to be missing bunches of books. I know I used to have more, but what became of them I don't know. Hopefully I'll find them eventually.… Continue reading Book Spine Poems

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Angels and Poetry

April being National (or is it International?) Poetry Month, I thought I’d contribute something. Don’t panic, I’m no poet and I know it (oops), so I’m going to share a poem by someone who actually is a good poet: William Blake. In keeping with my current interest obsession with angels, I thought this one was… Continue reading Angels and Poetry

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Les Chansons des Roses – 5 – Dirait-on

I heard this on AllClassical.org this morning and wanted to share it. It's the final movement of a larger work by Morten Lauridsen, based on the work of Rilke. http://youtu.be/Whz1RQ-nNnw

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In Celebration of Writers

As you guys know, I like to celebrate writers' birthdays. Usually the dates sneak up on me and I end up putting together a very short blog post about them to commemorate their birth. I've looked online before for comprehensive lists of authors' birthdays, but never managed to find one I liked. I was going… Continue reading In Celebration of Writers

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Old Man Winter is early

Here's what blew in last night - literally - in about an hour. The way the wind was howling and rattling the house you'd think I lived on the Nebraska prairie. The snow was blowing and swirling, but ultimately there's not much of it. It is, however, only about 18 degrees, so it's been frozen… Continue reading Old Man Winter is early