Post-Recon Decompress

After I drove out to the interview site yesterday to scope it out (the place is huge, what a jumble of buildings) I stopped off at my favorite park on the way home and took some pictures. Lots of baby ducks and geese, water irises were blooming (although slightly past peak, it looked like) the lily pads are coming back.

Here are a few shots from the same location I posted about back on December 31. I like to see the changes with the seasons. I had to keep myself from squeeing over the babies and scaring them to death.

baby duck with lily pad

Dawson Creek pond & shade 5-10-12

ducks and irises 5-10-12 P1080361C P1080389C



red-winged blackbird 5-10-12

P1080419CThe Mr



Tree P1080407C

A Walk in the Park

I’m really bad about doing much of anything when I’m on vacation. I’m like a Vulcan, I want my time off to be truly time off, with as little activity as possible. I spend so much time on the road commuting to and from work, and frantically rushing around to get things done when I am home that the greatest thing for me would be to have a single day with absolutely nothing to do. Like a Vulcan, I’d rather meditate and not use up more energy.

However, this is not good for the body or the mind. We need daily exercise for the body, and sitting around the house for days on end can, quite frankly, get depressing. So yesterday when the sun peeked out after some heavy rains I hustled and got my brand spanking new walking shoes on and headed over to the park by the library for a quick walk and some photo ops. No sooner did I park the car and hop out than I saw this:

RainbowAll righty then, good decision so far. I got sprinkled on just a teensy bit, but not enough to drive me back to the car. I had hoped it would be all frosty and snowy there, like it was the last time I was there even though there had been no snow at my house, but this was not the case. Perhaps next time. In the meantime, here are a few more shots of What I Saw At the Park Today:

fountain bench duck on one leg ducks

wood duck horseshoe stream wide Pond and birches2 top of stream

It must have worked because I did a couple of writing sprints last night with a Twitter buddy and cranked out about 2600 words in less than two hours. Not too shabby.

Live Long, and Prosper. \\//