I need to pay more attention

How did I miss the beginning of this? By a roundabout route I won't go into and bore you with, I found an amazing thread going on at Black Gate magazine, initiated by Robert Sawyer on his own blog, posing the question, "Are the days of the full-time novelist numbered?". If you've not read any … Continue reading I need to pay more attention


Time Travel, Compliments of Robert Silverberg

So to turn this back to writing, I wanted to share a short passage from a book I'm currently reading. I finally got around to starting The Book of Skulls by Robert Silverberg, which I bought awhile back. Although it's classified as science fiction, it seems like it would fit better in the horror category. … Continue reading Time Travel, Compliments of Robert Silverberg

I Boldly Went

Where everyone was going today: Back to the stores. I have never in my life ventured out on the day after Christmas, but I felt a burning urge to get out of the house today. The weather, while not idyllic, was not bad. It was a bit blustery and chilly, but sunny and dry. Good … Continue reading I Boldly Went