Are We Becoming Eloi?

The Eloi were, of course, the child-like, cattle-like race of humans in H. G. Wells' "The Time Machine." They didn't do anything except sit around in the sun, eat the food and wear the clothes provided to them by mysterious means without even wondering where they came from. They were used as food by the … Continue reading Are We Becoming Eloi?

Mari Boine – Hear the Voices of the Foremothers

I think that's where the gods are. I have a new favorite singer. I just saw this over at ThorNews. Mari Boine is a Norwegian folk artist, who is also Sami (what we typically call Lapp, which is something of an insult). You can read a bio of her at the ThorNews site. She sings … Continue reading Mari Boine – Hear the Voices of the Foremothers