Caving In

After all my rants about not having time for more social networking, not only am I on Facebook, I signed up for Twitter today. So far I'm following two people, Kristofer Dommin of the band Dommin who you may recall I saw in concert back in April. The other is our friend Jenna Reynolds, who … Continue reading Caving In

Life Beyond Twitter

Just wanted to call attention to a really nice piece on the possible death knell of Twitter. Yanno, someday. I just ran across Winston Ross's blog talking about the shape of things to come with regard to social networking sites. And he's a fellow Oregonian 🙂 Anyway Newsweek killed his piece because it timed out … Continue reading Life Beyond Twitter

Writers and Social Networking

I think this deserves its own post, although we've been discussing it in various comment threads lately anyway. Interestingly, Writers' Digest magazine has an article on this topic this month, so it seems we who hang out here are not the only ones talking about it. Just out of curiousity, let's have a fun poll: … Continue reading Writers and Social Networking