Thoughts on Mortality

Decks pictured (clockwise from top left) Bohemian Gothic, Sacred Rose, Arcus Arcanum, Starchild, Tarot of Prague, Wild Unknown, Sun and Moon, Wildwood, Alexander Daniloff; center - Alchemists Oracle: Connected and Free, Celestial Stick Figures I'm inspired to put some thoughts down by a video Katey Flowers posted on YouTube of her year with the "Death" … Continue reading Thoughts on Mortality

Daily Fools

Just a couple of Fools for the day Lots of silliness out on the interwebs. So far, Innsmouth Free Press has reported that Cthulhu has converted to Christianity, and Aidan Moher has tweeted that George R.R. Martin's final book in the A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, will be split into … Continue reading Daily Fools