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Weekly Card – Justice!

  Justice from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. Justice is a card of...well, justice. Balancing things, weighing them evenly. Possibly being called to account for your actions. A judgement in your favor. Fairness and the rule of law. Time to think logically, but balance rigid logic with the intuition, perhaps some compassion. Don't let the letter… Continue reading Weekly Card – Justice!


Art of Life Tarot

For anyone who's interested, I got a short review and reading with the Art of Life Tarot up on the Dangling Pentacles Tarot blog. That is all.

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From Russia (and Czech Republic, and Finland) with love

I feel like I’ve pulled off something of a coup here. I managed to snag a much sought after deck of Tarot cards, published by Baba Studios (Magic Realist Press) in Prague: The Victorian Romantic – Russian! The deck was so loved in English that it was being pirated in other countries, with bootleg editions… Continue reading From Russia (and Czech Republic, and Finland) with love


Tarot Samples

For those who may be interested, I've been posting daily card pulls up under the Tarot tab at the top. In August and September, I used one deck for the month, but this month I'm rotating through some of my collection, using a different deck every day. If you're interested in seeing what a random… Continue reading Tarot Samples

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Anna K Tarot

Thursday the mail finally brought my Anna K tarot which I pre-ordered months ago, and oh my my, I am just stunned, impressed, obsessed, delighted, charmed, and lots of other really good adjectives. This is the second edition, I never even knew about the first edition, sadly. The artist is Anna Klaffinger, who lives in… Continue reading Anna K Tarot

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To Infinity, and Beyond!

Well, maybe not that long. Spurred by a comment from Chazz with regard to what the future may hold for this blog, and encouraged by my dear friend, MaryJBlog, I did a short three-card reading on what the future has in store for my little corner of the blogosphere. I broke out the lovely new… Continue reading To Infinity, and Beyond!

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Nero would have loved EBay

As some of you know, I am a Tarot deck collector. I have slowly acquired a few decks over the years, but this has now turned into a full-blown, time (and money) consuming addiction. Previously I would allow myself one or two decks a year, and had since the early 1990s built up a tiny… Continue reading Nero would have loved EBay