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Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins

UPDATE… UPDATE… UPDATE … 9/22/2011 New photo of the cast, and it’s not what I’d feared. Depp is even looking a little like Jonathan Frid, the original Barnabas, in this shot.


Here we go, folks. First look at him in full makeup. Fair warning: it’s not good.

I think he looks more like “Edward Scissorhands meets The Mask” than Barnabas Collins. Seriously, how is this guy supposedly functioning as a member of the community looking like a comic book character? All my hope for this movie just went up in smoke.

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Dark Shadows Filming Has Begun is reporting that filming is underway, and has the press release explaining the backstory and how we find Collinwood in the 1970s.

Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better, each harboring their own dark secrets. Matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) has called upon live-in psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), to help with her family troubles.


Go read the rest and check out the guy they have playing young Barnabas. He has a marked resemblance to Johnny Depp.

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Dark Shadows Release Date

For anyone who’s been wondering, the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Dark Shadows has been scheduled for release on May 11, 2012. From the Moviefone site:

‘Dark Shadows,’ director Tim Burton’s big-screen adaptation of the ’60s vampire soap opera, will help ‘The Avengers’ kick off the summer movie season next year with a premium May 11, 2012, release.

Just thought I’d let ya know.

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Depp/Burton ‘Dark Shadows’ Still On

depp_darkshadows_072909aIt’s still a go, according to Tim Burton at ComicCon.

Burton confirmed this last Thursday when he presented footage from “Alice in Wonderland” to a capacity crowd at Comic-Con’s cavernous Hall H. He said “Dark Shadows” would be his next project, “if I ever finish this one here.”

Read the rest of the (short) article) here:

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to Vamp It Up in ‘Dark Shadows.’ 

Sadly, it could be awhile before we see it, 2010, or even later. Depp is doing  a fourth installment in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise first, which is due out in 2010.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer for “Alice in Wonderland” while you’re there, it looks amazing.

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Johnny Depp + Tim Burton = Dark Shadows

Did you know about this? I just found this over at

MTV News had a chance to speak with Sam Sarkar, director of development for Johnny Depp’s production company, who revealed that a big screen adaptation of “Dark Shadows” is “very active,” adding that the studio will be making some announcements very soon.

The Warner Bros film will star Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins and will likely be directed by Tim Burton.

It’s part of an article from Worst Ok, I’m a little slow out of the starting gate, the article is from March. But all this vampire stuff is a new interest so I haven’t really been following the vampire industry until the last couple of weeks. But DAY-UM, I’m excited about this one.