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Revenants Abroad – Chapter 16

I posted Chapter 16 this morning. It’s another short one. Over 2700 total reads now, thanks so much to everyone who’s read, tweeted, and recommended it!

If you’re not familiar with it, this is my first novel about a vampire and his assistant, and some old friends. It’s more of a buddy story, but there is a romantic sub-plot. It’s been interesting to me that some of the most passionate responses to the story have come from male readers. I know most people hear “vampires” and assume it’s another romance, but it’s really more about learning to make your way in the world, living on the fringes of society, and building your own family. I love these characters so much, and have lots of new faces for the sequel I’m working on.

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Some Consolation

This is what I get for going to work when most people are on vacation/holiday.

Light in the fog 12-22-14

It’s a driveway at one of the farms I pass, with their own streetlight, but we’ll just pretend it’s the moon, ‘k?

And these trees on the hill. I like silhouettes.

Trees oh hill 12-22-14

I did not set the camera to black and white, that’s what it looked like.

I did start to see some colors in the clouds a little further down the road, in places where the fog parted a bit. Mostly it was thick and gray this morning.

And here’s a thoroughly beautiful piece played by Portland guitarist Scott Kritzer. David Andrews’s “Christmas Youth” which was playing on the radio when I took that top pic. For more amazing music is into their Festival of Carols. It’s four full days and nights of incomparably beautiful holiday music. If you’re not in the Portland area, you can click on the “Listen Now” and live stream it.