Evolving Twetiquette

This is just a pet peeve of mine on Twitter that I've yet to see it addressed by any of the "Twitter etiquette" articles I can find online. There's something about this that just doesn't sit right with me, and that being when someone takes every conversation public by responding to a tweet by using … Continue reading Evolving Twetiquette

New Locations Now Open

With all the talk of Twitter moving to an algorithmic system that promotes "popular" posts (read: things that make the company more money) I'm preparing to either abandon it, or use it less. In any event, I've started a Tumblog which can be found here. Not much there yet since I just started it today. … Continue reading New Locations Now Open

Weekly Card – The Star redux

Well. Here we are again. :::drums fingers::: Looks like somenone's not getting the message, or it's taking longer than we'd hoped/anticipated for things to right themselves. This is from the Ansata Tarot. It was first published in Germany in 1981. The deck was drawn to accompany a book, "Astrologie und Tarot" by B. A. Mertz, … Continue reading Weekly Card – The Star redux

Calling All Cyberpunks on Twitter

Just a short note for those on Twitter who are also fans of, writers of, curious about, or cowboys of cyberpunk, there is a moderated (meaning there are actually topics that the ringleaders try to keep to) cyberpunk chat on Saturdays from 1:00 - 3:00PM PST (2100-2300UTC) or longer, if people are exceptionally chatty. If … Continue reading Calling All Cyberpunks on Twitter

Of Books and Book Signings

It seems Twitter is proving itself actually useful, after all. I follow the Science Fiction Writers of America (@sfwa), and caught a tweet yesterday for a book signing at the Powells Books in Beaverton by Dan Wells, author of I Am Not a Serial Killer and the sequel, Mr. Monster. I have to admit I … Continue reading Of Books and Book Signings

Music for the Goth In All of Us

Technorati Tags: gothic,music,writing,Heavenly Creatures,Diminished 7,Alex Crescioni,gothic metal,HIM For those who enjoy some mood music to set their scenes, whether in real life or to help us conjure our fictional fog-shrouded moors and darkly lit dungeons and castles, I have two new tasty morsels for you to choose from. Heavenly Creatures is gothic electronica from France. … Continue reading Music for the Goth In All of Us


No, that's not an insult or a racial slur. The word refers to what is essentially 19th century pulp fiction, cheesy swashbucklers, penny dreadfuls and the like. And now, for those who can't get enough of these, you can find loads online, courtesy of Emory University: Yellowbacks were cheap, 19th century British literature sold at … Continue reading Yellowbacks!

Tweeting Leads to Publication

I just found this over on Publishing Law Guru's blog and thought you might find this interesting. A couple months (or so) ago, I talked about a guy who was tweeting an entire novel. Matt Stewart's The French Revolution has now been picked up by a publisher, which you can read more about at Galley Cat. Strange days … Continue reading Tweeting Leads to Publication

Twitter as Publisher?

Ok, I'm about done with talking about Twitter, but in searching for publishing news today I ran across this gem: US writer publishing novel a 'tweet' at a time WASHINGTON (AFP) — An American writer who has yet to find a publisher for his novel is putting the book on Twitter -- 140 characters at … Continue reading Twitter as Publisher?