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I have a drabble up today at 101Fiction ! What's a drabble? you ask. Well I'll tell ya. It's a veeeeery short piece of fiction of 100 words. Why 101? It had to have a 1-word title. Please do go over and read all the new work posted today at 101Fiction. The theme for this… Continue reading Reservoir

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February’s Off to a Pretty Start

Just a few photos from the last two days, driving in to work. Nice to see a bit of blue sky, it's been so dark and rainy for so long.  

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Revenants Abroad – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 is up now on Wattpad! Three left to go, I'll give it a week and then pull it to get the paper copy up on Amazon. As I've mentioned previously, Amazon's terms are such that if the book is available anywhere for free, they will make it free as well. So... I am… Continue reading Revenants Abroad – Chapter 25