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What Do You Want? Weekly Card Reading

So here’s a deck I’ve had for some time, but have never actually read with. It’s the World Spirit Tarot, and for some reason I never worked with it. It’s been gently calling to me, nagging me, for the last few months, and now it’s full-on blocking the door and won’t let me leave until I listen to what it has to say. Not only that, it wasn’t satisfied to be cast amongst the one-card weekly draws I’ve been doing. Oh no, it wanted a full sentence of at least three cards. So what did it want to tell me?

Well, first I got a couple of ‘jumpers’ while I was shuffling. Not the ones you’d hope for, either.

TowerSix of Pentacles











Blargh. Well, the Six of Pentacles is fine, but who wants the Tower? Big upset that will shake you to your foundations. Like having to rebuild from scratch. But the 6 of Pentacles says it will leave me in a position to be generous to others, or at least that frame of mind. So after the Apocalypse you guys know where to go. I’ll be holding all the chips. :::buffs nails on shirt:::

After I finished shuffling and dealing with the misbehaving cards, I pulled these three:

Ten of CupsYay! Happy Day! Ten of Cups is happy family, just a bucket of love. Celebrations and joy in being with people I love and who sustain me. Doesn’t get much better than that. This card tells us to take some time to celebrate the people we love, and appreciate what we have. Revel in the harmony and happiness that is there, appreciate what we’ve got. Something to remember in times of strife.






Four of Wands So far, so good. Four of Wands is more celebrating, things are blooming. This card can often signify a wedding, although I highly doubt that in my case since I’m not even dating anyone. So yeah, I’m probably not getting married this week. But something’s in the offing. Hmm. The crops (projects) are planted, spring’s off to a good start. Be happy with the hard work that brought us to this point, enjoy successes. Much has been done, and though other trials will inevitably follow, now is the time to enjoy what you’ve already done.



Ten of Swords:::hangs head in defeat::: I should have known. Ten of Swords. I opened with the Tower, and closed with the Ten of Swords. Here we see Osiris being murdered by his brother, the dog-headed Set. But in the background stands Isis, waiting to put him back together with the sun rising on a new day. This card, as a ten, is the end of a cycle, so whatever awfulness has been happening is about done and the ‘reset’ button has been pushed. Do-over!

That’s the thing to remember about the 10s – they’re the end of a cycle. Swords are associated with Air, the mind, mental processes, thoughts. Hopefully whatever troubles have been weighing on my mind and weighing me down will be coming to a close.

I kind of feel like the cards are giving me a not-so-subtle reminder that life is full of ups and downs, and the important thing is to enjoy what you can, don’t minimize your accomplishments. Everything goes in cycles, and we have to take the good with the bad. It’s a lesson I still have trouble with.

I hope that will be of use to some of you, who may have your own troubles to deal with. I hope you find some joy this week.