Weekly Card – King of Cups

This is the second time in as many days this guy has shown up. Yesterday he showed up in a 3-card spread I did for myself with the Wild Unknown deck. All the kings are associated with fire, the cups are associated with water. So here we have fire of water. He's a man of … Continue reading Weekly Card – King of Cups

Weekly Card – The Star redux

Well. Here we are again. :::drums fingers::: Looks like somenone's not getting the message, or it's taking longer than we'd hoped/anticipated for things to right themselves. This is from the Ansata Tarot. It was first published in Germany in 1981. The deck was drawn to accompany a book, "Astrologie und Tarot" by B. A. Mertz, … Continue reading Weekly Card – The Star redux

Weekly Card – Temperance

Temperance from the Victorian Romantic Tarot 2nd edition from Baba Studio is our card this week. This deck is exquisite, with many beautiful cards, but this one is transcendent. Temperance is precisely that, in the sense of moderation, not total abstinence. It speaks to us of keeping things in balance in our lives, avoiding overindulging … Continue reading Weekly Card – Temperance

Quick Card Draw for the Week

So I don't send you all off into the week ahead without the weekly draw, here she is. This week's card is from The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington. Our lovely card for the week is the Queen of Arrows: Her position on the Wheel of the Year … Continue reading Quick Card Draw for the Week

Embrace Your Inner Wolfiness

Well. I have to admit I groaned a little when this card came up in my draw for the week. Why, you ask? Because I'm fed up with every pseudo newage (rhymes with sewage) shaman adopting the wolf as their totem animal, as if it elevates them to some super spiritual rockstar level, because they're … Continue reading Embrace Your Inner Wolfiness