Just what I needed

Quick shout out today to Glen Duncan, author of (among other books) The Last Werewolf, and Talulla Rising, for this great line in TR that had me shaking with silent laughter on the bus ride to work this morning: Learn anatomy, Jake told me. It helps. Why do you think doctors can live with being … Continue reading Just what I needed

She’s HEEEEeeeeerrrrrree

I stopped in at Powells on the way home tonight to get my copy which I pre-ordered way back when. I can hardly wait to dig in to this one because OMFGILOVEGLENDUNCANSOMUCH. For those who missed the first installment in this man's soon-to-be trilogy, you can read my take on it here and the beginning … Continue reading She’s HEEEEeeeeerrrrrree

Review and Follow-up on “The Last Werewolf”

UPDATE: 4 AUGUST -- Yes! It IS going to be a trilogy!! See this article in USA Today.   So, I finished the book this evening when I got home from work. While standing at the stove, stirring gravy, mind you. Could not put it down. And I've never had much interest in werewolves. Vampires? … Continue reading Review and Follow-up on “The Last Werewolf”