Early January Photos

Just a few recent pics. Moon and Venus, 7AM, Jan. 6, 2016 Sunrise over Farksolia, Jan. 6, 2016. The roads were total ice, so traffic was doing about 20mph through this stretch. And without the wires Snow earlier in the week (January 3) so I got to work from home that Monday (Jan. 4). It … Continue reading Early January Photos

Some Consolation

This is what I get for going to work when most people are on vacation/holiday. It's a driveway at one of the farms I pass, with their own streetlight, but we'll just pretend it's the moon, 'k? And these trees on the hill. I like silhouettes. I did not set the camera to black and … Continue reading Some Consolation

Good Morning, Moon

Frakking cold out there this morning. Luckily, I remembered to disconnect the garden hose last night, or things might have been ugly today. We seem to have had a dusting of snow overnight or maybe it's just really heavy frost, although most of it didn’t last on the ground. The tell-tale flakes are mostly covering … Continue reading Good Morning, Moon