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WellREAD and The Wonder of Witches

Last weekend I was sick with a cold, and because I was sick I turned on the tv and thereby caught this program about books, WellREAD, on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting).  I’m always excited to find a show about books, and it was doubly exciting to come in on a show discussing books on witches… Continue reading WellREAD and The Wonder of Witches

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Recapturing the Magick

As some of you know, I’ve had a long-standing love affair with all things ‘occult.’ This is an interest that blossomed in me back in the Mesozoic Era (yanno, when I was kid). Actually, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in anything that fell under the umbrella heading of “supernatural” or “occult.”… Continue reading Recapturing the Magick

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Bewitched! The Reboot

Ok, people, Variety reports Bewitched is getting a reboot! While I'm all kinds of excited about this, my enthusiasm for this dropped several notches when I read who the producers are. Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher, the married couple behind the 2005 film version, are onboard to exec produce through their Red Wagon shingle. Marc… Continue reading Bewitched! The Reboot


Fantasy, or Reality?

I am very torn in my story about whether to inject what I know to be true about modern practicing Wiccans and Wicca, or just take off on flights of fancy and jazz it up, Hollywood style. On one hand, I would like the story to reflect elements of what Wicca really is, and what… Continue reading Fantasy, or Reality?