Ann C Crispin, Knight of the Writing Realm

Word sadly came today of the passing of author Ann C. Crispin, science fiction writer and defender of writers everywhere through her collaboration with her friend and fellow writer Victoria Strauss, via the Writer Beware blogs here  and here, and their website.  It was only two short days ago I learned of her battle with … Continue reading Ann C Crispin, Knight of the Writing Realm

Writer, Educate Thyself

I know there are scads of websites out there now with all kinds of advice for aspiring writers, but today I feel compelled to add my .02¢ to the fray. Plus it bears repeating. This is due in large part to this post, and the explosion of e-publishing now, where anyone can set up  a … Continue reading Writer, Educate Thyself

The Value of Stories

We've talked before on this blog about the worth of the writer, and lamented about places that expect writers to provide content for little or no money, often trying to entice new writers with the idea of gaining clips and getting 'exposure.' Paper mills and content mills (like Helium) suck writers, desperate to be published … Continue reading The Value of Stories