Daily Card Pulls – December 2010

December 1 – Liz Dean’s Art of Tarot – 9 of Pentacles

Liz Dean 9 of Pentacles

December 2 – Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night – Ace of Swords

Eternal Night Ace of Swords

I love this deck. It’s one of the few put out by Lo Scarabeo that isn’t loaded up with the title in 12 different languages. In fact there are no titles at all. You just tell from the little pictograms which suit they are, and in the case of the Majors there are large Roman numerals to differentiate.  So, Ace of Swords. More Swords. I can think of a couple people I’d like to use that sword on…

December 6 – Tarot of Vampyres – Six of Scepters

I’m going back to my beloved vampires. Them I understand.

December 7 – Tarot of Vampyres – Seven of Grails

Vampyres Seven of Grails

Choices. Behind her is the tree of knowledge, covered in apples, with its roots growing out of and surrounding the passage to the inner, underground temple (subconscious?). The light shines from within, telling me the answers are there. Wish I had the book with me. I’ll meditate on this throughout the day.

December 8 – Tarot of Vampyres – Ace of Grails

Vampyres Ace of Grails

December 9 – Tarot of Vampyres – Justice

Vampyres Justice

Haven’t had a Major for some time… I’ll have to go back and see how long it’s been.

December 14 – Bohemian Gothic – Eight of Pentacles

BoGo 8 of Pentacles

December 21 – Waite-Smith Two of Swords

First card for the ‘new year’, since the Solstice marks the New Year in many traditions. Two of Swords indicates stalemate, indecision. I’m either refusing to look at something or hoping it will go away if I ignore it long enough. Once a decision is made, the new moon indicates a new beginning. But which option to choose?

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