Daily Card Pulls – October 2010

I’m going to be rotating through decks this month, instead of the same one everyday.

October 4 – Today I pulled Death, from the Anna K 2nd edition. Truly, this is one of the most peaceful, gentle death cards I have seen. Whatever may befall will be a handled with concern and sympathy. Nothing to fear.Death

October 5 – Knight of Cups from New Century Tarot by Rolf Eichelmann.

New Century Knight of Cups

October 6 – Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night, 10 of Wands

Vampires Eternal Night 10 of Wands

October 7 – Knight of Swords, Intuitive Tarot

Intuitive Tarot Knight of Swords

October 8 – Four of Wands, from Tarot de Euskalherria (Basque Country Tarot)

Euskalherria 4 of Wands

October 11 – Empress from the Witch Tarot, by Beth Seilonen

Witch Tarot Empress

October 12 – Hudes Tarot, Knight of Swords

Hudes Knight of Swords

October 13 – Jungian Tarot – Nine of Swords

Jungian Nine of Swords

October 14 – Prediction Tarot – Three of Swords

Prediction 3 of Swords

Too many Swords lately.

October 15 – Light and Shadows Tarot – 10 of Swords

Light and Shadows 10 of Swords

Argh! Another Swords card! Well, it’s the 10, maybe that’s an end to it. Looking back over this month, I have a preponderance of Swords, even pulling the Knight of Swords twice, from different decks. The book says “From this deep low point, one can rise, like the phoenix, to begin again.” Wasn’t really looking to bottom-out today.

October 18 – Deva Tarot, The Universe

Deva Universe

Finally! Broke the Swords/Minors streak.

October 19 – Songs for the Journey Home – 9 of Flame Songs

Songs for the Journey Home 9 of Flame Songs

October 20 – Love Tarot – The Hierophant

Love Tarot Hierophant

Wow is this dead-on today. The Boss’s boss’s boss is here from HQ back east, for two fun-filled days, god help us.

October 21 – Gothic Tarot (Leilah Wendell) – Deception (Devil)

Gothic Deception

October 22 – Nigel Jackson Tarot – Nine of Coins

Nigel Jackson NINE OF COINS

October 24 – William Blake Tarot – Magic (Magician)

William Blake Magic

Los, creator of Time. Earth element, truth through time.

October 25 – Silicon Valley Tarot – Seven of Disks

Silicon Valley 7 of Disks

Yep, that’s me today. Computer is making nasty scary noises. Now I have to get in touch with our virtual tech support. Could be a week.

October 26 – Enchanted Tarot – Six of Hearts (Cups)

Enchanted SIX of HEARTS

October 27 – Fenestra Tarot – The Moon

Fenestra Moon

October 28 – Silver Era Tarot – Ace of Swords


Hmm, yup. Definitely an AoS kind of day. I need a pair of those metal gloves. And we’re back to Swords. Again.

October 29 – Vargo Gothic – The Star

Vargo Gothic Star

Yippee! It’s not a sword!

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