Daily Card Pulls September 2010

1 – Bohemian Gothic – Four of Pentacles

Something about this woman reminds me of my mother. Mom eschewed jewels, however, had no use for them. But oh was she frugal! She never spent a nickel she didn’t have to. Must be a good day to think before spending, I’ve been more than a little impulsive in that department lately.
2 – Six of Cups – The children again. Funny how the cards repeat, which is why I started these pages. Looking for patterns, things I need to pay attention to. My childhood has been much on my mind lately, my old friends. Perhaps this will be a day to connect with more of them?
Queen of Cups 3 – Queen of Cups. Yup. I swear I shuffle and then cut into three piles EVERY DAY, and then today, with the final cut, I went ahead and put the top card from the final pile onto the middle pile, and pulled the NEXT card under it as my daily card. And there she was.
6 – The Fool Fool

I think I know what this is about, and I’ve already kind of taken a leap of faith to start things moving in a new direction. Hopefully I won’t have long to wait to find out if it’s working.

7 – Page of Cups.  Earthy part of water. Perhaps some news of a project, something that could bring great joy blossoming.

Page of Cups

8 – Queen of Pentacles – Water of Earth. Someone who’s all about home and hearth, the quintessential earth mother.Queen of Pentacles

9 – Five of Wands

Five of Wands

10th – Strength – My most favoritest Strength card ever. I want this as a tattoo.Strength

9-13 – Chariot


14 – King of Swords. Fire of Air.

King of Swords

15 – Six of Wands. Another victory! But over what?

Six of Wands

9/16 – Four of Cups

9/17 — Page of Cups

September 20 – Nine of Wands, from Crowley’s deck (left the BoGo at home, had to use the online tarot program at fourthdimension.net. When it brought up the spread, it wouldn’t open any of the cards, but this one was already turned over. I took it as a sign.

September 21 – Emperor (Bohemian Gothic)


Sept. 22 – The Empress

Sept. 23 – Six of Cups

Sept. 24 – The High Priestess

Sept. 27 – Two of Wands


September 30 – Three of Pentacles


Missed pulling a card yesterday.

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