Hans Zimmer Fans Take Note

Next Saturday, March 27 on The Score, Edmund’s guest (via phone) will be composer Hans Zimmer. His most recent work is of course the soundtrack to the latest Sherlock Holmes movie. You may also be familiar with his work from Angels and Demons (my personal fav), The Lion King (for which he won the Oscar), Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and The Pirates of the Caribbean series, among many others.

The program airs at 2:00PM PDT, but if you miss it, it will repeat the following Sunday afternoon at 2:00PM PDT, and it will be archived on the AllClassical.org Web site under “Listen Now/On Demand.” I think the programs stay in the archives for two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer Fans Take Note

  1. I own the Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and Pirates soundtracks. Liked the Da Vinci Code soundtrack. Need to listen to Angels and Demons.


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