Raising the Dead – Murder and the Mosh Pit

Just a quick note to say we (myself, MaryJBlog, and Chazz Byron are attempting to resuscitate “Murder and the Mosh Pit“, our collaborative glam-punk-noir-police-procedural-murder-mystery. I posted a new entry a couple of days ago, hopefully more to come soon!

(Disclaimer: our fictional band, The Sparkling Douchebags, is not based on any one band.)

Photo below is just a hat-tip to one of the many bands who helped inspire the story.

punk bands pics on Sodahead

12 thoughts on “Raising the Dead – Murder and the Mosh Pit

      • Bunny Blumschaefter (@ottermoonski) says:

        Have you given any thought to whether Mellon is straight or gay? I’m thinking it might be fun to do the same scene – Meg interviewing Mellon – from 2 points of view. The thing with my girl Meg is, it’s hard to tell whether she doesn’t know she’s good looking or she just doesn’t think it’s important – that’s why she looks up the crusty old mentor, and guys who are naturally courteous like Octavio – it’s not so much that she’s insecure, she just works better with guys ( & women) who aren’t constantly, obviously wanting to get in her pants. I think it would sorta funny if the band members, male and female, are all a little hot for her and kind of annoyed that Meg’s oblivious. Would any of this mesh w/your thoughts re: Mellon.


      • D. D. Syrdal says:

        I hadn’t thought of that, but I was thinking as the investigation proceeds that it could be revealed Baby of Shame was actually a transsexual. If Mellon is gay, he’d be eyeing Lopez, though. And that might be fun:)


      • Bunny Blumschaefter (@ottermoonski) says:

        and Micro Braineater, the tiny zombie-faced woman. I just re-read Mellon and love him just the way he is. With his androgynous look tho, we don’t have to worry whether he’s straight or gay. I was going to have one of the band members wander off from the crime scene and wind up back at their nasty hotel room with an underage girl who turns out to be Meg’s niece, but we are running out of band member so maybe that’ll have to be a roadie. more later…


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