POD? Vanity Press? Indie? Self-Pub?

If you find any of these terms unclear or downright obtuse, check out Lynn Price’s excellent article today on Behler Blog. Lynn is editorial director at Behler Publishing, and writes a really really good, informative blog. She’s got definitions of all these terms (click back to a previous post she links to), helping keep writers out of the clutches of unscrupulous vanity presses. Go visit Lynn and maybe the Beagle will bring you a margarita.

4 thoughts on “POD? Vanity Press? Indie? Self-Pub?

  1. Me too, Siobhan. There are a lot of really fine indie presses out there, and it’s a real slap in the face to them when vanity presses call themselves ‘publishers’.


  2. I think Fern is someone attempting to be funny, just kind of riffing on the posts Lynn puts up. Probably someone she knows, playing a joke on her. That’s my guess 😉


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