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Weekly Card(s) – Good and Bad

This one’s a two-fer. I wanted to see what the Tarot had to say about a situation, so first up we have the Empress from the Wizard’s Tarot:

EmpressThe Empress is the ultimate earth mother: nurturing, kind, loving. Everything bursts forth into life for her. We see her here in a wonderful magical greenhouse, drawing all the nature spirits to her. She’s the source of the life force, pregnant with new projects. She’s in a green gown to symbolize her connection to the earth and nature. She’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and you can see the glyph of Venus on the mortar (feminine principle) she holds in her left hand. In her right is the pestle (masculine) and as she grinds the herbs, blending masculine and feminine, she releases light and life.

So this is good, I should be able to get my hands on what I need and be able to accomplish what I have to do.

HOWEVER. Not being content with a single card this week, and feeling the call of my Fallen Angel oracle, I shuffled it and drew a card. :::insert annoyed face:::


ShaxWell, luckily I’ve never put much stock in the little keywords found on the cards and do more investigating about the particular fallen angel pictured. Shax brings a possibility of loss, but only if you don’t approach and deal with him correctly. According to the old magical tomes he needs to be summoned into a triangle to transact business with him. If this is done he’s perfectly compliant. I’m taking that to mean to get my ducks in a row, so to speak, before I take on anyone with potential power over me. Shax has a reputation for stealing and has something to do with demonic horses, but he can also find hidden things, and give good familiars. Ok, Shax, let’s talk. Would you mind standing right there?


So with that in mind, it looks like an interesting week ahead. Hopefully full of wonderful projects (Empress) and be sure to do your homework and have everything ready in advance. Bonne chance, mes amis!


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Card(s) – Good and Bad

  1. I’d be interested to hear how your week works out. Hopefully Shax will lose something for you that you really don’t want in your life. And find something really great. Personally, I’m pulling for the Empress; after all, she’s got Shax (the male pestle) in the palm of her hand.


    1. One thing I read about Shax is that he’s kind of a Robin Hood sort, stealing from kings and giving it back to the common people. I’m thinking he’s not such a bad guy 😉 Also, I’ll take that familiar any time now… So far the situation I was worried about has been resolved, a complete nothing. Glad I didn’t lose sleep over it.


  2. I so wish I was as versed as you in the Tarot…how do you know so much…and to be able to apply it to oneself is an art in itself. I love the first one naturally. The second one scares me…however, they are both harbingers of what may come next. Always appreciate all the trouble you take to post these.


    1. It just takes some time. I’ve been reading the cards since I was quite young, so I’ve had A LOT of time to practice 😉 I think Shax is a good guy, just got some bad PR.


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