Revenants Abroad–Chapter 21

In which our hero takes matters into his own hands… Neko and Anne-Marie are off to Greece, leaving Andrej and a couple of hired thugs free to do what needs to be done.

Chapter 21 can be read free on Wattpad (and yanno, chapters 1-20 as well…)

So here’s a thing. I’ve been contacted twice by people on Wattpad looking to swap ‘votes for votes.’ Maybe this is how some of them reach the rankings they get, by ‘buying’ or swapping votes. My sense of fair play was offended. I won’t do it. I’ve heard of this being done on other sites, a “you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours” set up. The corollary I fear is that if I don’t, will these people feel snubbed and try to keep people away from my story(ies)? I don’t know. I’m still learning my way around Wattpad and discovering the “clubs” (discussion boards). It seems there’s still a great deal I don’t know about the site. I’ve been disappointed not to even receive any comments on the book, although people have contacted me outside that venue to talk to me about it.

I’m nearing the end of it on Wattpad. There are 7 chapters to go and then I’ll give it a week or so and pull it so I can upload it to CreateSpace and make paper copies available. Amazon’s terms do not allow the book to be available for free elsewhere, or they’ll make it free, too. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it on Smashwords or move it to the Kindle platform and other resellers directly (Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, most notably). I’ll have to see what’s involved.

So anyhoo, here are a few shots from this morning’s commute. Lovely to have a break in the rain. Happy Wednesday!


kolk pond Tonquin Road 1-19-15Mt Hood sunrise -1-21-15Pink sky and freezing fog 1-21-15RR Pond 2 sunrise 1-21-15

Revenants Abroad – Chapter 20

Oops. Forgot to post here that Chapter 20 went up on Wattpad yesterday! It’s a longer one, so I wanted to give everyone who’s following along there plenty of time to read before the next chapter goes up Wednesday.

Not much opportunity for pictures the last few days. It’s been raining almost non-stop, but some factions don’t seem to mind.

expectant mother Unless I am mistaken, we should be seeing a baby in the not too distant future!

And in case you had any concerns that spring was not coming, we have some upstarts already who would like to assure you it is in fact on the way:

daffodils 1-18-15

The daffodils always start poking through in December, which really surprised me the first year I noticed them starting so early.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and a good week ahead.

Revenants Abroad–Chapter 19

Chapter 19 posted on Wattpad this morning! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read about my little group of vampires and humans. It’s still kind of surreal to me that it’s out there and anybody AT ALL is reading it. Lots of questions about the sequel, which is in the works, but it’s way too early even for me to know what’s going to happen! It’s interesting to see which characters become favorites, though.

And a couple pics. I was surprised to see Venus and Mercury in the sky last evening on my way home. I stopped on the road to get pics, just wish I’d had my tripod (or better, telescope) with me. Timestamp is 5:55PM EST, looking south. I rather like this pic:

Venus and Mercury 1-13-15

And this morning:

Fiery pond 1-14-15


Lonely Mountain 1-14-15


Happy Hump Day!

Revenants Abroad – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 posted this morning on Wattpad! That leaves ten chapters to go. At this rate of two chapters per week I anticipate pulling it off Wattpad around February 7. At that point I plan to have it available in paper format on Amazon, so the free read has to end. According to Amazon’s terms, if the book is available for free elsewhere, they will also make it free.

I haven’t worked out pricing yet for the paper copy, but I anticipate it being in the range of $12.00. It’s kind of sad how little of that I’ll actually get. If I price it much lower I’ll have to pay Amazon for each sale. Yup, no kidding.

I do plan to buy (yes, I have to buy them from Amazon) a few copies for giveaways and a couple of people who have already requested autographed copies. Please understand that if you request a copy directly from  me, I will have to charge for shipping. Unfortunately I can’t absorb those costs the way Amazon can. The ebook will remain available from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.

I really appreciate everyone who’s already been reading and especially those who have bought the ebook. Thank you so much. When I started the book, I had no idea if it would ever be published, and if anyone would like the characters as I’d hoped. So special thanks to those already asking about a sequel!

All these pics were taken yesterday morning on the way to work. The fog was patchy, but thankfully not as bad as it had been earlier in the week. Makes for treacherous driving.

Revenants Abroad – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 went live this morning. This chapter finds Neko and Anne-Marie off together, without Andrej, leading to some unwelcome surprises for Anne-Marie. I kind of felt bad for doing this to her… naaaahh, not really Winking smile

Saw a pretty sunset on the way home last night for just a couple minutes before being swallowed up in the fog again:

Sunset 1-6-15

And pretty moon this morning, which of course I had to try to get pictures of, despite already being late out the door to leave for work:

Morning moon 1-7-15

Tried to get a shot that included Jupiter, which was up, but it didn’t turn out very well. If you look closely in the upper left of center you can sort of see Jupiter through the branches:

Moon and venus 1-7-15 am

Wish I could have stayed home with my telescope. Jupiter is rising about mid-evening now and is visible all night. Observing pointers on Universe Today.

E-Book Formats

So, it’s come to my attention that possibly a lot of people don’t know which format they need for their e-reader. Kindle folks probably just know Amazon is the place to get books to feed their reader, similarly Nook people go to Barnes and Noble, and Kobo users can go straight to

I had a couple of folks who are readers of Revenants Abroad on Wattpad ask where to get the book. One person had a Nook, but didn’t know which format she’d need if she got it from Smashwords. So herewith, a small primer for anyone who may be unsure what format their device uses. You should not have to download any extra programs if you have a dedicated e-reader. If you’re using an Android device you may if there’s not one already installed. I don’t have an Android device so I don’t know if they come with them or not.

Kindle uses the proprietary MOBI format, meaning the Kindle is the ONLY device that uses MOBI. (*note: Revenants Abroad is not available directly from Amazon at this time. If you need the MOBI version, it is available at Smashwords.)

Nook uses the more common EPUB format

Kobo uses EPUB. EPUB can also be read via Google Play on an Android device.

ALDIKO (another Android e-reader software program) can read EPUB and PDF, as well as Adobe Ebook DRM technology.

Any computer should be able to read PDF, the reader has always been free.

Smashwords has all their offerings available in all these formats, as well as:

.txt (plain text), which can be read in any word processing program, including Notepad, Wordpad, Word, etc.

.rtf (Rich Text Format), which is a Microsoft proprietary software, so will open in Word, Notepad, Wordpad, and possibly other programs.

.lrf for older Sony e-readers

.pdb for older Palm devices, just in case you still have one of those kicking around.

Just thought I’d put that out there in case anyone isn’t sure what their device uses. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer. And don’t feel bad: it wasn’t that long ago I was completely clueless about all this as well.

By the way, if you’re on Goodreads, please connect with me there. I’ve signed up for their annual reading challenge, and I’m going to try to read at least 30 books this year. I don’t know how I’m going to fit them in, but I need to do a lot more reading than I did last year.

Revenants Abroad – Chapter 16

I posted Chapter 16 this morning. It’s another short one. Over 2700 total reads now, thanks so much to everyone who’s read, tweeted, and recommended it!

If you’re not familiar with it, this is my first novel about a vampire and his assistant, and some old friends. It’s more of a buddy story, but there is a romantic sub-plot. It’s been interesting to me that some of the most passionate responses to the story have come from male readers. I know most people hear “vampires” and assume it’s another romance, but it’s really more about learning to make your way in the world, living on the fringes of society, and building your own family. I love these characters so much, and have lots of new faces for the sequel I’m working on.

Happy 2015!

A small thank you to everyone who’s come by the blog, subscribed, read my stories, bought the book, and been a friend! Please click on the photo below:


And Chapter 15 of Revenants Abroad is up on Wattpad now! Thanks so much for reading. I wish everyone a safe, happy start to the New Year!

Revenants Abroad – Chapter 14

I went ahead and posted chapter 14 today. It’s a short one, just a couple pages. That’s halfway, there are 28 chapters all told. I’m planning on posting chapter 15 this Wednesday. I seem to have several in a row that are quite short, so I don’t want to go too long between posting them. I hope you’re enjoying, if you’ve been reading, and thanks bunches to those who have.

A couple pics from today. Got some blue sky which was nice after all the rain and gray we’ve had lately.

blue sky 12-28-14

And the eagles were enjoying it, too

eagles in afternoon sun 12-28-14

And first quarter moon tonight:

1st quarter moon 12-28-14

Kind of baffles me that I seem to be able to get clearer pictures of the moon than I can of those eagles.

Revenants Abroad – Chapter 13

In case you missed it, I posted chapter 13 on Christmas Eve, a little early. Follow along there, or buy the full novel on Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc (see Smashwords for all options, including mobi format for Kindle). Go shoot pool or take a hand of cards with the guys. Andrej and Neko are really very sporting. Well, Neko – maybe ever so slightly less so…

Many thanks to everyone who’s been reading, and/or purchased the book. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that these characters resonate with so many, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I love these guys, hope you will, too.

I’m trying to hunker down and get some words in on the sequel, which I haven’t actually got a working title for yet. :::rubs chin::: Well I kinda-sorta do, but it’s not very good. Revenants Abroad riffed on Twain’s “Innocents Abroad” so I’m casting about for a suitable classic to “adapt” for the next book. I’m thinking either Age of Revenants, or House of Revenants (with apologies to Edith Wharton). Hm, well, there’s time.

Sunset from December 22, 2014, first full day of winter. Rare to see clear skies this time of year here.

Sunset 12-22-14